Масленица Началась, And So Is Spam!

Symantec Connect: Maslenitsa (Маслница) is a religious holiday celebrated in Russia and Ukraine during the last week before Lent, i.e. the seventh week before Pascha (Easter). This festival is also known as Pancake week or Butter week. During this week people enjoy the social activities that are forbidden during the prayerful Lenten season, such as partying, dancing etc. This year the Maslenitsa will be celebrated from February 20 to February 26.

We are observing Maslenitsa spam targeting Russian and Ukrainian users that offers attractive tour packages. Similar to other Russian spam messages like online marketing promotions, spammers have provided a phone number to book the carnival package.

Below is a sample of a tour package spam:


Our readers are encouraged not to fall for such cheap package offers and stay safe from online scams. 

Поздравляю вам с счастливой Масленицей

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