And when you feel like this

No comment, The video and its feeling say it all

2 thoughts on “And when you feel like this”

  1. Hi Omid_ Just want to  Ditto——- What Deb said above_ we care about you & are worried ” what can we do ? Have you discussed this with your Mother ? How about your Sister- does she feel the same way, what would she  and your Mother do without you  in their lives ? You only mention your Father _ You don’t say you love him_ I know I’m getting in your space but I’m worried and trying to help from a distance- one more question- please-
    do you have a faith in  religion or can you do that if you wanted to_ Notice I said IF-
    Like Deb, said above Please name one positive thing to you in your life- anything_
    My grandmother ‘s favorite saying was
    You can lead a horse to Water_– But you cain’t make it drink_
    Let us help you drink- 🙂

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