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Happy Father’s Day

“Today, we celebrate men who have risen to the task, who raised us, and who do that most important work of parenting, day in and day out, with love, humility, and pride.” –President Obama

I don’t want to hear about flowers, I like death and destruction

I can’t stand to let them win, I’m just watching them, And I don’t know what to do, Feeling like a fool inside, Feeling all the hurt… Thought they were my friends. Never mind… Let’s talk about something else, What super-power you wished in your life to have? I mean something like Time-travel, going invisible, …

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This Depression is Great

They told me look at everything positive, so I’m gonna do it: “This Depression is Great!” I believe many of the solutions advised by psychologist out there is kind of “fooling oneself” fooling and fooling, so many stupid things in a row to do best phantasy to make hell look beautiful for the person and …

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I don’t understand

A note before starting this post: I don’t mean to catch anyone’s attention with these posts I write, I just want to speak out what’s in my mind and hope someone who can understand me read it and answer it, one who really can see the world from same view I see… I don’t understand …

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