Speak up

Say it even if they (whether it’s a he or she) don’t listen, even if you are afraid or even if you are too shy.

Stand up! Nobody’s dying to save you, Speak up! Nobody’s waiting to see you, Wake up! Nobody’s working to pay you…

Say it, say that you are dying to see her once again, say that you will do everything to see her again, say it that she is all you world but you are just ashamed to tell her about that, say that you cannot stop thinking about her but you don’t dare to say that, say it!

Yeah, go on and admit that you did not dare to speak up because you see yourself too poor, because you see no end in speaking up, in admitting those facts, you are honest but it has no use, you need much more than just ‘honesty’ to be brave and speak up!

Go on, be brave, brave brave brave! Don’t be rude, don’t be egotistical, don’t be selfish, but don’t be shy too, life is too short to make your shyness an excuse for wasting it. Don’t kill yourself inside, don’t let yourself burn inside, act up! If you got something positive then you have won and if you got what you did not wish, then at lease you know this is done.

Burning inside for what? Why you don’t act up? Why you don’t speak up? Not all people think of you as poor as you think about yourself, you are losing everyone around yourself for one who you won’t have, and why you won’t have; because you are shy, because you do not have enough self-confidence.

If you could balance ‘egotistical’ and ‘shyness’, ‘rudeness’ and ‘friendship’ then you are doing something right and hope in good.

What are we doing to our planet?

This is a picture that ‘The New York Times’ shared today:

David and Arlan

David and Arlan Tackley inspect parched corn on a farm near El Dorado, Kan. The latest forecasts call for increasingly dry conditions over much of the nation’s breadbasket, which could lead to higher food prices. (Photo: Mashid Mohadjerin for The New York Times)

It made me thinking what we are doing to our planet? How much really we care and what we have done to save it?

Above picture is just a very very small sample of what’s happening with us (to me, this picture is sign of a bigger disaster, I don’t care about the prices here), we all know that something is wrong and we all can talk about it for a long time (so I’m not going into details) but really what we are doing in our everyday life for it? Let’s don’t blame anyone else other than ourselves.

I’m not saying don’t drive your car, I’m not saying turn-off your lights, I’m not saying don’t take bath everyday, I’m saying why we don’t put more effort on finding a better (cheaper and easier) solution for our old style cars to make them more environment friendly? Why we are not putting more effort on better ideas for Electric Power source that be cheaper and more environment friendly and so we don’t need to care for saving.

I for one claim that I’ve never done anything for that, what about you? What you are doing or what you have done? Or you too just care about your today?

Let’s think more about this, it’s not about saving Artic or Antarctic, it’s not about saving some rare animals, it’s about us all together, we all (environment, humans, animals) belong to each other and if only one of us get a problem others will too, so save the environment if you want to save your own life.

One is bad and everyone else good or its likewise?

There are so many groups of people in world, we all know that, So many different group and kind of people, we can group them with different factors, with their born location, with their skin color, with their hair color, with eyes color, being left hand or right hand, with their political view, with their religious view and believes, with their education levels, with their languages, with their music tastes and…

Here I’m not going talk about society or similar stuff; I want to talk about how good, wise and expert people fail or lose against bad, dumb and ignorance people, why? Because this second group is the majority, does it make sense?

These are some example:

  • You become fan of a good musician: Both you and music experts agree that this musician is doing really a great job and making best music on the world, but his music don’t get any luck in the market because his music is not some silly sounds that ‘majority’ like, so to be able survive that musician turn into silly sounds majority wants. 
  • You find an ideal software company which their products is best for you, and their products really works for you and every IT expert gives a thumb up to that and say that this is useful for everyone, but that company fail in gaining market because majority don’t like it and prefer another fancy software, so your favorite software become alike that fancy program to keep its market. 
  • You start using an online service which is very useful for your life, not only your life but everyone else life too, but majority don’t come use that so the developer of that service find that they are wasting their resource and discontinue it. 

And millions of other examples which you can imagine, so what you say? Now you must understand me better, do you think there are solution for that? what should we do when we get into such situation? share your opinion  in the comments.

I realized: Some of the my thoughts regarding life

I’m almost 23 years old and I’m not that old that to say much about life and teach you how to live, and maybe I’m wrong in many stuff, so here I write my thoughts and please correct me if you think I’m wrong, all your opinions, positive or negative is welcome:

Asking for help is not a good solution: Nobody care about more than yourself, nobody think same way as you, asking for help only will give some info to other people to be able bother you, The reason is that I’ve experienced that situation many many times.

Never relay on anyone in your life: No one, even closest friend or family or partner or parents, They will leave you alone at least once in the worst time you need them, so build your life based on the thinking that “I’m all alone, now how I should deal with this?”, in that situation if someone help you, life will be beautiful, if not, you would not get in trouble because you have been expecting this.

The thing majority do, is not always right: Even if 99% of people do something, its not mean that is a good thing or its correct, use your brain before doing anything.

Never expect anything from anyone: Yes, never!, no matter what, either emotional or financial, it will ruin your friendships and also cause many problem for you, so love your family and friends for who they are and not for what they do for you, This way even if they never help you and never do anything for you, you can still remain friend and don’t feel alone, yes maybe this would look like a Fake friendship, but it works sometimes and you would not feel alone often or get mad at your friends.

Don’t allow your friends promise you anything: People forget their promise sometimes, some people do it easily and often, so don’t let them promise you, its better.

Never trust your friends 100%, They can be 2 faced: No matter how beautiful they speak, no matter what they promise you and no matter how long you know them, Don’t believe them easily, to avoid get a hard time when you see their other face, don’t get too close to them and don’t think of them as best friends.

Help people understand you, they may don’t be smart enough: Do NOT be selfish, Do NOT be silly, Do NOT be perky, but sometimes remind people good things about yourself!

Help people when you can, but not in a way they think its your job to do: Yeah, be kind to people, always, but avoid to look humble or make people think if you are helping them its your job, Its NOT your job, Its you being kind!!!

Don’t waste your time, Some people will never understand: You cannot change some people, so don’t get mad at them if they don’t understand, It can be even a physical problem or…

Religion, politic, waste of time: Yeah, both of them are waste of time, so let me make it easy for you, religion is “Don’t Lie, Don’t Steal, Be Kind, Respect Humanity, Don’t be Lazy in your Life” and Politic is something you never can change and inspecting that until will give you reason to become sad, so if you dislike politic of where you live, move!.

KoRn – Souvenir (Unedited)

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There is much more to say, but I think its enough for now.
What Do you think? share it in the comments.