Google Work At Home Scam

Lately, a Google work at home scam has been plastering its way throughout the Internet. The scam site is designed to look like a convincing news paper article and is currently circulating heavily through social networks (hacked and spam accounts) and ad networks. Example of the scam wall post on Facebook from a hacked account: …

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Microsoft Hack

Basically, the rogue antispy was directing the victim to a genuine Microsoft address, but was modifying the html on the fly as it came back from the real Microsoft page. It made it read that Microsoft was recommending that the victim should buy the rogue. That’s a pretty good trick that will catch a lot …

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New rogue: SafetyAntiSpyware

SafetyAntispyware is a new rogue anti-spyware application. However, the functionality follows the same pattern as other rogues. First, it will detect some fake infections. Then it will ask the user to license the product to remove these “threats”. It will also keep reminding the user about these fake infections and will urge the user to …

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“Everyone” may not be your friend

There were two news stories recently that seemed to coincide. In the first, Cisco issued an annual security report which said the two current targets of the Internet criminal underground are banks and social networks. Banks because, well, we all know what they keep there. Social networks are targets because that’s where weakly protected password …

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SecurityTool rogue is trying to be a moving target

The SecurityTool rogue security product, which first turned up early in October, is still active and trying to avoid countermeasures by setting up 12-24 download sites per day. It comes in two flavors online scanner scam: and fake codec scam: For more information Click Here.

Limeware and other P2P software present child p*rn risks

I’ve been saying this for a long time. P2P networks are have the risk of accidently getting something you really don’t want… Matthew White, of Sacramento, California, has found himself in a rather unfortunate situation; he’s been accused of downloading child pornography. On the advice of his public defender, White is pleading guilty in hopes …

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Beware of fake Microsoft updates coming through email

Email is still the most common method used for security update notifications from all major vendors, but it is also the most commonly used trigger for launching the chain of infection attacks by malware writers. When I came to work today I found in my Inbox a message from Microsoft with the Security Bulletin Advance …

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Turscar ríomhphoist – Spam Email (in Irish)!

According to the 2002 Census of the Population, 42% of the population of Ireland has the ability to speak Irish. Irish has also had official and working language status at the EU level since January 1, 2007. Recently, some examples of spam messages in Irish—the official language of the Republic of Ireland—have been observed. While …

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A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

It has come to our attention recently that a website is giving out instructions on how to use a low tech social engineering trick to view private Facebook profiles. To view the instructions, a third-party application must be first downloaded and installed. While this application is not malware, it may impact computer performance. The instructions …

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