9 Comments to I’ve some new toys

  1. Glad that your new toys are making your computing life easier, Omid. ☺ No suggestions – you know more than me, LOL.

  2. Glad you are enjoying your new “toys”!

    I bought an E machine monitor, it works just fine, we have had very good luck with E machine stuff.

  3. E machines?  Cheap off-brand of Gateway I believe.  I’d shy away.

    Go with an Asus, samsung, viewsonic or some other name brand, otherwise you’ll probably see it dead sooner than later.

    just my opinion though

  4. Happy you got new toys omid 🙂   cain’t give Opinion on choice as _ you are Lots more aware than me- lol 

    I will send you a  pm  message from MFF what I hope to do with your help on my CP
     🙂  Enjoy your toys, You deserve them:

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