8 Comments to No, This is not a love song

  1. May I suggest you take a word from your message….”COMMON”………Rather than jumping into a preconcieved dialogue, try and find some “Common ground” with the person. Something you both share an affinity for. Something that you both enjoy doing…..a movie you both like…….somewhere you both enjoy going to or an event you both enjoy. this may “break the ice” as we say in America and relax you a bit. If it’s a woman your meeting, then Hell, your either in Love or just HORNY!

    1. The same for most folks here………….your normal. Stop counting the seconds until the meeting occurs. If they don’t like you for who you are and what ya bring to the table, then they are not gonna like ya.

    2. Omid, sometimes the ice is broken by just smiling. You have a natural smiling face, and don’t forget the eyes, have eye contact and do not look down on your shoes or elsewhere. The eyes are the mirror of your soul…. I wish i could give you a lesson in person….that would be something…

  2. Why is there a black bar over the scroll down tab on the right side of your page?….makes it hard to scroll………..

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