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  1. Omid, my friend,,,,,,,,,,,,there ARE no answers to your questions. NONE of us knows why we’re here, what we should do, where we are going, or what will happen to and for us. NONE of us has any more answers than you do. Everyone of us is doing just what you’re doing. We get up, and see what will happen this day. We try every day to find meaning in everything we do, and hopefully become known as a good reliable friend and person to those who just meet us. Circumstances DO have an impact on our lives, and who we become, but we don’t know all the circumstances until they show themselves to us. AND, we only get to see one piece of the puzzle each day. Every day is another piece for you to discover. Some of us don’t get to start out with the edges or corner pieces, so we have a tougher time, putting it all together. Sometimes, it may not SEEM like we’re better off looking at THIS side of the flowers, but believe me, we really are. If you happen to find some answers that I don’t have, please send them to me, cuz they might just fit in MY puzzle. Peace, my good friend.

  2. Dear Omid;  We are all existing and coping as best we can.  Please remember how young you really are and that most people haven’t accomplished much, if anything by that age.  If you are unhappy with your life, (and living where you do, that is certainly understandable), is there nothing you can do to improve it in some small way?  Perhaps try and find a job that pays more?  I don’t really know what else to say, but, my heart goes out to you and I wish I could be more help.  ((HUGS)) 

  3. Omid_ we are ALL _ dealt cards that we wish we could have passed up_  We are given life- we don”t choose who we are or who our parrents are- when we are born_ but we can choose to do something about what we do with Our lives- Its not that You are boring Or aren”t smart_ we lnow from MFF_ both of those are not true_look at what you have accompolished-
    You speak English at 23 & Before that age– many people I Know here in Fl, at 50_ don”t speak English_ they aren’t motivated enough to want to learn_ & you are learning German_ 🙂
    You have a Tech level of Computers & how to do & what to do_ more so than alot of people who have gone to school for that_ can you learn More_ sure_ hopefully we Never quit learning- any of us’
    do you have a sense of humor & personality_ yes_ wh have seen that also_
     well I see  three plus right there- w/out even trying to think of a plus for you-
    Are you disappointing your cyber friends – No_ disappoint is the wrong word_
    we want Better for You_ As you do_ we Just don”t know how to do It_ if we were Rich, we could fix it_ maybe_ but we are Only rich with friendship to you & want toos-
    i saw a young woman the other night at our local karoke  where I live_ she was in a wheelchair
    out on the dance floor_ laughing and keeping time to the music_ smiling- laughing_ I wondered  why she was in the wheelchair_ but she seemed so happy_ I have since seen her going down the sidwalk- crossing 4 lanes of traffic at the light_ whewwwww_
    anyway_ at the Karoke_ later she came by Me_ She had TWO Artificial Legs_ but Yet she was laughing and having a good time_ it made me feel so small- as earlier I had complained about My back hurts any more if I try to fast dance_ II’m Not comparing your problems with hers_ or anybodys_ Im just sayin_we don’t always know WHY we get the cards we do_ but try to use them to your best advantage_ like you are doing with the speech and the tech_ there is More in Life for U- Omid_ You Just haven”t found  ALL  of it yet——-  I know this doesn”t answer your question_ I have No answer for that– Nor anybody else_ just keep working toward a better life for your future- if it never happens – at least You can say you tried_ not that You gave up_ We on MFF would Miss U greatly if You wern”t in our lives_ & I don”t mean the tech part_ I mean you personally_ so Just think How Your Mother , Sarah & friends would feel_ 🙁 🙁   Bless U_ Omid- hugs

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