6 Comments to I don’t want to hear about flowers, I like death and destruction

  1. I think the super power of flying would be great! I could go a visit friends and family whenever I wanted. Being invisible is nice too, but perhaps one doesnt really want to know what people really think of them. If you hone your people skills cant you kind of tell what they think? Unless they are really good at being two faced that is.

    There have been times I wish I was invisible too. 🙁

  2. Thank you for the comment.
    I would rather to know it all, even it’s very negative thinking, at least I would know what’s going on rather than living in my own imagine

  3. It would be great to know what people are really thinking!  I choose “invisible” also.  Could be VERY interesting, LOL.

  4. I agree Omid_ if someone has something critical to say about me- I want to know so I can either fix  it_ if it can be fixed _ OR- if they are saying critical_ because they do Not really think good of me in private_- yep i wanta  be Invisible- its the only way to Fly_  LOL

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