‘Naked’ scanners fooled by creased clothing

Controversial “naked” body scanners currently being tested at Hamburg’s airport are constantly malfunctioning due to folds in passengers’ clothing, broadcaster NDR reported on Tuesday. The public radio station said the trial of the body imaging security scanners has been plagued by serious problems. The units, which have been in use since September, are apparently unable …

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With the Jack PC, the computer’s in the wall!

The Jack PC from Chip PC Technologies offers a neat and novel thin-client desktop computing solution where the computer doesn’t just plug into the wall, it is the plug in the wall. Running on power provided by the Ethernet cable that also connects it to the data center server, the computer-in-a-wall-socket supports wireless connectivity, has …

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When technology fails

I love computers and technology in general. Actually, I am an advocate of technology and I try to push high tech solution whenever that makes sense. But, what happens when technology fails? We have seen many movies with various apocalyptical scenarios where one or another technology fails on us: computer systems in nuclear power plants, …

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